Helping you to use the Internet Of Things to increase awareness, realize efficiencies, and enable improvements.

The Internet of Things is affecting our lives now more than ever. Connected devices, whether it be a vehicle, a vending machine, or a wearable device now convey information allowing for better insight into daily activities. Today, due to a convergence of cloud economics and cost-effective intelligent devices, so many more things are now possible than they were just a few years ago. Novel solutions to boost productivity and enhance real-time decision making are now coming into existence in many forms, enabling us to improve our work and lives.

We at mtelli are a team that makes customized mobile intelligent solutions. We're here to help make the internet of things work for you.


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Customized IoT

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iOS Application Development

Are you considering how an app can help your business? We can advise you on how applications can help keep your customers engaged, employees connected, or operations improved in novel ways. We don't just develop apps, we develop apps with a goal in mind to help ensure your business needs get met. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Customized Solutions
Remote Sensor Management Traffic Conrtol
Lighting Control Irrigation Control
Remote Pump Management Utility Management
Power Generator Monitoring Wireless Video Connectivity

We specialize in Remote Management and Control Solutions. Ask us about our smart farm solution.

Manufacturer's Representation

We are a manufacturers rep for Ctek Inc., a leader in wireless automation products. If you are a distributor, a systems integrator, or an OEM and are interested in adding their products to your line card or to help automate your products, we can help.

IoT/M2M Consulting

Are you considering an M2M or connected solution for your next project? If you're new to it, you will soon find out there is a lot to consider. We know well the tradeoffs and will help you find the best approach for your solution. Just give us a call.

Mobile Application Development

We specialize in developing apps enhancing business efficiencies and Bluetooth LE utilization

Custom M2M Solutions

We specialize in developing custom, turn-key remote monitoring and control solutions utilizing Ctek SkyRouter and SkyCloud

Meet Our team

Mtelli is composed of a group of telecom engineers and business professionals who have a history in machine-to-machine solutions and application development. We've got years of experience in business consulting for M2M/IoT solutions, and pride ourselves in partnering with some of the leading OEMs, Cloud providers, and wireless carriers that make up this ecosystem, as well as in keeping pace in this fast changing industry.

We are an innovator in the emerging Internet of Things. We use the latest in connected technologies as our tools to solve current problems and realize better efficiencies. We make mobile intelligent solutions.

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